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Cliven: cosmetics made in Italy since 1958

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Seven Days Deodorant Cream

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7 Days Deodorant Cream for intense perspiration 

Hygiene and Freshness up to seven days.


The 7 Days Deodorant Cream Cleans eliminates the causes of bad body odor while not preventing normal perspiration for up to 7 days. It does not alter the natural skin balance and leaves the skin soft and gently perfumed. 

ICELAND MOSS: extract with antiseptic, deodorant, soothing and emollient properties. The part of the Icelandic Moss containing active ingredients is the thallus in which are present: polysaccharides (lichein and isolichein), bitter lichen acids (usnic acid thatprovides the plant with an antimicrobial and antiseptic activity and the cetraricacid), folic acid and other B group Vitamins.

LANOLINE: has been known since ancient times for its hydrating, emollients and skin protecting virtues in addition to its moisturizing, humectant, softening, firming and protective properties: it preserves the hydro-lipid film of the skin preventing dehydration and cracking.

ZINC OXIDE: the zinc oxide is a fine-grained white powder, insoluble in water.  It has anti-irritant properties due to its ability to form a protective barrier on the skin to prevent irritations.

The cream is applied once a week to the affected parts by spreading it gently. Do not exceed the recommended dose, the deodorizing effect is maintained even washing normally every day. 

25 ml


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