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Cliven: cosmetics made in Italy since 1958

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Perfumes from around the World


A range of products for body care in six different colors and fragrances inspired by the perfumes of places with exotic atmosphere.  




... your travel takes you ...


... to the green plains of Bengal, where you will taste the purest and strongest tea flavours in a unique and untrained atmosphere.

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Bengal Tea Moisturizing Body Milk

The Perfumes around the World moisturizing Body Milk is rich in vegetal ingredients such as emollient, restructuring Avocado oil, highly nourishing milk proteins and Vitamin E that is a well known, precious anti-oxidant. It is a creamy formulation that leaves your skin smooth like velvet, deep hydrated and protected while restoring its natural softness and resilience.

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Bengal Tea Revitalizing Shower-Shampoo

The Perfumes around the World delicate Shower-Shampoo has been formulated with cleansing agents of the latest generation to perform a revitalizing action on the skin while strengthening the hair.

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Bengal Tea Eau de Toilette: a pure and elating fragrance


... to Madagascar, the luxuriant island in the Indian Ocean where you will plunge into the sweet, warm and enveloping scent of vanilla flowers.

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Madagascar Sweet Vanilla Body Milk

Madagascar Sweet Vanilla Eau de Toilette: a warm and enwrapping fragrance

Madagascar Sweet Vanilla Shower-Shampoo


... to Ceylon, where in a delicious whirl of perfumed oils and essences you will dive into the charming, unmistakable scent of cinnamon.

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Ceylon Cinnamon Body Milk

Ceylon Cinnamon Shower-Shampoo

Ceylon Cinnamon Eau de Toilette: a spicy and stimulating fragrance 


... to sunny Sicily, in the very heart of the Mediterranean, where you will sense the ancient and fascinating scent of blossoming citrus orchards.

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Sicilian Citrus Fruit Shower-Shampoo

Sicilian Citrus Fruit Body Milk

Sicilian Citrus Fruit Eau de Toilette: a fruity and revitalizing fragrance


... to Japan, cradle of the ancient ikebana tradition, where you will caress the delicate essence of graceful and sensual lotus flowers.

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Japanese Lotus Flowers Shower-Shampoo

Japanese Lotus Flowers Body Milk

Japanese Lotus Flowers Eau de Toilet: an exotic and sensual fragrance



... to the secluded heights of the Himalayas, where you will rediscover the intense and harmonious scent of white moss in the absolute contemplation of nature.  

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Tibetan White Moss Body Milk


Tibetan White Moss Shower-Shampoo


Tibetan White Moss Eau de Toilet: a fresh and harmonious fragrance