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Cliven: cosmetics made in Italy since 1958


Oral Hygiene

Cliven Oral Hygiene: a complete line of products for the oral care and prevention of the whole family.     

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Cliven Plus - Withening Toothpaste

Cliven plus toothpaste, thanks to its careful blend of specific ingredients, is active in:

- restoring teeth to their natural whiteness, without damaging the enamel thanks to its deep and gentle cleansing action;
- slowing-down and preventing the formation of bacterial plaque thanks to the proven efficiency of a bacteriostatic agent;
- limiting tartar deposits through the proven effects of citrate zinc;
- combating fillings and strengthening the enamel with the active fluorine of two combined salts;
- efficiently protecting the gums and pleasantly refreshing your breath for a long period.

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Cliven Multi-Action - Total Protection

Daily use of Cliven Multi-Action toothpaste helps to ensure healthy teeth and gums.

- effectively fights against the formation of plaque
- features a specific active component which helps to prevent and reduce the rate of tartar formation
- contains a Flouride Salt which specifically works to prevent decay and strengthen tooth enamel
- thoroughly cleans your teeth, leaving you with fresh breath confidence.

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Mouthwash for reliable oral hygiene

This specially formulated mouthwash carries out four essential actions:

- it removes bacterial plaque and helps to reduce its formation;
- thanks to the astringent and soothing qualities of the precious vegetable extracts contained, it guarantees effective gum protection;
- it helps to prevent tooth decay and strengthens tooth enamel thanks to the fluoride salt contained;
- it gives you lasting fresh breath confidence.