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Cliven: cosmetics made in Italy since 1958

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Cliven Natura: daily care for your body in a natural way.

From the union of traditional wisdom with modern cosmetology, Cliven Natura is a selected production consisting of a full line for hair and body care, exclusively based on the purest and most effective natural ingredients and active principles.

Highly selected natural extracts, distilled water of fruits and flowers are the fundamental elements of Cliven Natura range, characterized by its special effectiveness and gentleness.

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The rich assortment of its products responds to the most different skin types to obtain a natural and focused treatment.

The range of shampoos and conditioners has been designed for every hair type; moreover arnica treatments, endowed with highly restructuring principles, restore the natural vitality of the hair.

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Body products, widely assorted, cover a variety of fragrances and natural essences that hold the innate eudermic properties of their ingredients: highly moisturizing shower gels, delicate liquid soaps, scented soap bars with extra-emollient qualities; a vast selection of body milks that answer to the most different needs of hydration; and deodorants, eau de toilette and talcs, with their delicate fragrances, give to your body a sensation of fresh vitality all day long.

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Perfumed body and face waters, with their remarkable hydrating properties, deeply revitalize the skin; finally, the ultra-gentle hand cream performs an important restoring action to give the maximum moisture and a natural smooth appearance. 






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