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Cliven: cosmetics made in Italy since 1958

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Keratin Hair Care

Cliven Keratin shampoo and conditioner line is a range of products characterized by high technology formulas that, through a specific active ingredient for each type of hair, promote a restoring action to the balance of the scalp and a return to the natural vitality and softness of the hair.

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Cliven Hair Care’s three distinctive components activate, in perfect synergy, to nourish, strengthen and protect the hair:

  • Keratin makes the hair shinier and plenty of body, it gives it a greater thickness, nourishes and moisturizes it and makes the hair easier to comb.

  • Vitamin Complex, thanks to its regenerating and oxygenating action, favours the microcirculation of the scalp, helping the hair to remain strong and healthy.

  • Natural ingredients - highly selected extracts of flowers and fruits among the purest and most effective - give shine, softness and smoothness to the hair.

Vitamins are a valuable and essential ingredient for our body; Cliven has exploited their properties to create shampoos and conditioners that treat and strengthen the hair.

The Vitamins included in the Cliven Keratin Hair Care line are:

  • Vitamin PP: important vitamin factor that structures and strengthens the hair from the root, protecting it from harmful external exposure;
  • Vitamin H: vitamin that promotes the reduction of sebum;
  • Vitamin E: known for its highly eudermic, anti-oxidant and anti-radical properties;
  • Pro-vitamin B5: vitamin that improves the physical properties of hair, such as elasticity, strength and shine.

Herbal Gentle Shampoo

Strength and body for NORMAL HAIR

with yarrow and birch extracts

  • Herbal Shampoo specifically designed for frequent use: it gently cleanses hair while respecting its natural balance, protecting and nourishing it deeply.
  • The combined action of keratin and an innovative vitamin complex made up of pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E and vitamin PP penetrates the hair to make it stronger, healthier and shinier day by day.
  • YARROW and BIRCH extracts with outstanding skin-purifying properties make hair even lighter, healthier and shinier.

Gentle Neutral Shampoo

Nourishment and moisturization for DRY HAIR

with honey and calendula extracts

  • A neutral shampoo specifically designed for dry hair.
  • It is enriched with hydrolyzed Keratin that, thanks to its amino-acid composition, has excellent affinity with the hair’s natural keratins and provides a remarkable fortifying, protective and coating action.
  • The combined action of keratin with the vitamin complex B5, E, PP and of HONEY and CALENDULA glycolic extracts restores softness and bounce to your hair. 

Fruit Extracts Neutral Shampoo

Cleanliness and lightness for OILY HAIR

with cedar, orange, and tangerine extracts

  • The particular formula of this shampoo aims at gently removing all impurities and excess oil from your hair without weakening it.
  • The keratin in the formula helps fortify and protect and together with the supply of vitamins (B5, E, PP) and fruit extracts of CEDAR, ORANGE, and TANGERINE restore health and softness to your hair.


Protective Shampoo

Structure and shine for DAMAGED HAIR

with oat and aloe vera extracts

  • Dyed and treated hair loses its natural structure, its capillary fibers are altered and hair becomes brittle and dull. The hydrolyzed keratin contained in the formula intervenes to repair the damage thanks to its excellent affinity with the hair’s natural keratins and performs a remarkable fortifying, protective, and coating action.
  • The combined action of keratin with the vitamin complex (B5, E, and PP) and the OAT and ALOE VERA glycolic extracts returns body and brilliance to the hair without making it heavier. 

Natural Extracts Conditioner

Softness and silky-feel for ALL HAIR TYPES

with linden and mallow extracts

  • This creamy conditioner is easily applied and makes combing smoother while giving shine and softness to your hair thanks to LINDEN and MALLOW extracts.
  • It is enriched with Vitamins B5, H, and PP that deeply penetrate each strand of hair to nourish it to its root.
  • Hair is even stronger and healthier thanks to hydrolyzed keratin that is deeply moisturizing and repairs and protects. 

Shampoo + Conditioner

Energy and vitality for ALL HAIR TYPES

with ginseng and litchi extracts

  • It gently cleanses your hair while providing the softening effect of the conditioner and deeply nourishes hair with the action of the vitamin complex (B5, E, and PP).
  • It is enriched with hydrolyzed keratin that, thanks to its amino-acid composition, has excellent affinity with the hair’s natural keratins and provides a remarkable fortifying, protective and coating action.
  • GINSENG and LITCHI extracts in synergy with the other components make hair stronger, healthier and easier to comb.