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Cliven: cosmetics made in Italy since 1958


Cliven Intimo

CLIVEN INTIMO offers a set of products carefully developed to cleanse personal parts of the body with extreme gentleness, while leaving a fresh sensation of well-being without altering the skin’s natural physiological balance.

To guarantee a gentle but efficient and safe action, all formulas of this line have been enriched with natural extracts and ingredients, and specifically: 

  • Lactic Acid. A substance naturally produced in our body. Its presence in the formula is essential to preserve the physiological pH of intimate parts unaltered.
  • Mallow Natural Extract. Mallow is known for its refreshing and soothing properties and for the content of such active principles as malvidine that helps calm inflammation.
  • Marshmallow Natural Extract. Marshmallow provides emollient and protective characteristics of the mucose.
  • Chamomile Natural Extract. Chamomile, rich in valuable components, is known for its anti-infiammatory properties as well as being anti-bacterial and decongestant. Its presence in the formula grants extreme gentleness and safety in cleansing.
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Further in-depth clinical tests at one of major Italian Universities guarantee the safety of the INTIMO CLIVEN® collection products