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Cliven: cosmetics made in Italy since 1958

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7 Vitamins Hair Care

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Every day your hair is subject to aggression from environmental factors and that is why it needs to be protected and nourished. 

The hepta-vitamin complex contained in each formulation acts on the keratin structure of the hair with its regenerating function in order to help it remain strong and healthy.

The Cliven 7-Vitamins Line offers a full range of hair treatment products for the needs of different types of hair.

Explore them all!

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  1. Vitamin PP: strengthening 

  2. Vitamin H: sebum-regulating

  3. Vitamin E: moisturizing 

  4. Pro-vitamin B5 (Panthenol): retexturing

  5. Vitamin F: nourishing 

  6. Vitamin B6: protective  

  7. Vitamin C: anti-oxidant 

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Shampoo Normal Hair

This shampoo has been designed for those who wish to maintain their hair healthy and vital for long time.  Thanks to the 7 Vitamins, it delicately cleanses the hair while maintaining unaltered its physiological balance; it also gives maximum protection by creating a barrier-layer to protect the hair against harmful environmental agents. 

Shampoo Oily Hair

This shampoo has been specifically designed for oily hair in order to make it lighter and fluffy.  Its innovative formula eliminates the excess of sebum and the impurities responsible for weakness and heaviness of the hair fiber, deeply hydrating and nourishing it as well. It also acts as an efficient sebum-balancer thanks to the normalizing properties of Vitamin H and zinc PCA. 

Shampoo Dry Hair

Dry hair needs special attention and nourishment to restore the physiological balance it has lost; this 7 Vitamin shampoo specific for dry hair directly works on its structure in order to protect the capillary fiber thanks to the conditioning and moistening ingredients contained in its special formula. 

Shampoo Coloured and Treated Hair

Treatments often weaken hair's keratin structure.  This 7 Vitamin shampoo specific for coloured and treated hair cleanses in a delicate and effective way while promoting a deep hydration, and protecting the hair and its colour as well.  The active ingredients contained in this texture also enable the formation of a shielding film. 




Shampoo + Conditioner

for all Hair Types

This product combines the properties of the shampoo with those of a conditioner to give to the hair a healthy and shiny look, while reducing the time needed for its care.  In fact, it cleanses delicately removing all impurities, and gives strength and health to the hair thanks to the action of the hepta-vitamin complex; finally, it leaves the hair incredibly soft and docile to the comb due to the properties of its conditioning agents.


for all Hair Types

Creamy and revitalizing, the 7 Vitamin Conditioner is a real beauty treatment that works on the hair with its regenerating and conditioning action. 7 Vitamins act in depth to restore hair’s physiological balance, while a complex of regenerating and conditioning factors repairs its micro-structure to restore volume, vitality and softness to the hair. 

7 Vitamins Conditioner

for Treated and Damaged Hair

The 7-Vitamin Conditioner is a real beauty treatment thanks to its regenerating and conditioning action. Hair acquires body, vitality, and softness as well as being incredibly easy to comb.

Leave-on Conditioner

no rinse

The 7 Vitamin Leave-on Conditioner is easily and quickly applied, and is a valid alternative to the traditional conditioner; it is ideal to have soft and shiny hair every day with a simple gesture. The hepta-vitamin complex and the highly effective ingredients contained in it preserve hair’s natural vitality, while giving hydration and strength to the capillary fiber that is weakened by the frequent aggressions of treatments and harmful external agents. 


Specific Hair Treatments

No Dandruff PLUS Shampoo

With Octopirox

The 7-Vitamin shampoo "No Dandruff" is an efficient solution to embarrassing dandruff.  The 7 Vitamins contained in the shampoo act in synergy and penetrate into the hair to strengthen it from its very root.  This complex makes your hair stronger and more vibrant day by day and leaves it healthy and shiny.

The anti-microbial action of octopirox fights the etiological factors of dandruff, specifically inhibiting the proliferation of a micro-organism, the malassezia globosa, which is the main cause of itching and skin's desquamation (pytiriasis simplex capilllitii)

No Dandruff Shampoo

Immediate relief against dandruff

Vitamin No-Dandruff Shampoo is an efficient way to solve the trouble of dandruff; its formula in fact promotes its removal and gives a beneficial vitamin supply to the hair. If regularly used, this shampoo contrasts the factors that cause the formation of dandruff and prevents from its reappearance, while restoring strength and vitality to the hair. 

No-Dandruff Lotion

Specially for the Scalp - no rinse

The 7 Vitamin No-Dandruff Lotion, a specific treatment to be used on scalp, has been specially designed to relieve the annoying itch and contrast dandruff formation while helping increase the effective- ness of the 7 Vitamin No-Dandruff Shampoo. Its fresh and non-greasy formula does not need rinse. 







Protective hair mask

for coloured and treated hair    

Hair is continuously exposed to the aggression of harmful agents that reduce hairs resilience leaving it visibly stressed. 7 Vitamin Restructuring hair mask, thanks to the hepta-vitamin complex and a highly moisturizing, natural agent, acts in depth to restore wellbeing and vitality to dry and damaged hair. With its conditioning, strengthening, and restructuring action, this mask helps keep the hair healthy and bright as well as soft and strong.

Restructuring hair mask

for dry and damaged hair

In order to contrast hair dryness caused by repeated treatments and frequent dyeing, the new 7 Vitamin protective hair mask, thanks to the hepta-vitamin complex and to the natural anti-oxidizing agents extracted from grape, deeply nourishes and preserves the natural shine of the hair for long time. With its efficient conditioning, strengthening, and protective action, it helps the hair remain healthy and moistened while reviving the brightness of its colour. 

Hair Mask Keratin Therapy

Split Ends Intensive Treatment

7 Vitamins Hair Mask Keratin Therapy mends split hair ends and prevents them from reforming.  Keratin Therapy helps sealing the cuticle and repairing inside the hair cell.  The unique 7 Vitamins complex and a natural and hydrating ingredient works deeply to restore health and life to your hair.  The multiple action of this 7 Vitamin Hair Mask helps repair your hair while keeping it shiny, soft and strong.

Hair Style


Volume Hair Mousse

A light formula specific for hair that needs constant hold, this 7 Vitamin Mousse performs a prolonged volumizing effect while maintaining the hair soft, light and fluffy. 


Curl Enhancing Hair Mousse

A special formula designed to create and hold wavy and curly hair, this 7 Vitamin Mousse shapes every single tuft in a unique and original style without weighing down the hair. 


Extra-Strong Hair Mousse

This special hair mousse is enriched with particular fixing polymers that sculpt the most flighty and original styles to give the hair an energetic,
vital look and a healthy and full-bodied appearance.  



Extra-Strong Hold Fixing Hairspray

This hairspray fixes any hair style naturally without making your hair feel heavy.  Thanks to a special fixing polymer, it guarantees a long-lasting, perfect hold without leaving any traces.  Its vitamins completely respect the nature of your hair while protecting it and enhancing volume and shine.


Long Lasting Styling Gel

Extra Strong Hold

A gel conceived and realized to fix and give extra shape and hold even to the most extreme and constructed hairstyles.  It keeps the desired hairstyle for a long time without a sticky feel or product residue.  

Long Lasting Styling Gel

Extra Strong Hold

The 7 vitamins act synergically and penetrate the hair to make it stronger and more vital day by day ensuring its health and beauty.